Benefits of sheltered housing

Sheltered housing promotes your well-being, health and quality of life by:

  • help you live independently in your own home
  • you will have help to get in touch with the right services and agencies
  • you will have access to Camden’s 24-hour community alarm service, Careline Telecare
  • enables you to take part in a range of social activities
  • living alongside people of a similar age to you
  • scheme manager can set up an individual plan which is reviewed regularly to support the changing needs of individuals

The sheltered housing manager will:

  • provide support during the day (most Camden schemes have a sheltered housing manager available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm while some schemes have a manager on site three days a week)
  • assess your needs and agree a support plan with you
  • review the support plan with you regularly. You, your family, or your carer can ask for a review at any time
  • make sure you are happy and well
  • help in emergencies, for example if you have a fall or are ill
  • help with reporting any repairs needed to your home

Sheltered housing provides a high standard of appropriate secure accommodation

  • Safe and secure schemes
  • The council will tackle all antisocial behaviour problems
  • Maintenance and management of your home will be taken care of
  • Dedicated repairs service

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered housing is a suitable and secure housing option for over 65s. It enables independent living by offering an alarm system with mobile teams for out-of-hours emergencies. The flats are self-contained studios or one bedroom flats in a complex which often has a communal social area.

Sheltered housing criteria:

You must be at least 65.

Housing needs - at least one of the following housing needs must apply to you:

  • You are living with relatives where the relationship is breaking down
  • You are living in overcrowded conditions
  • You are living in accommodation that is unsuitable because of poor repair
  • You are living in accommodation that is difficult to get into or get around in and which cannot be adapted
  • You are living in accommodation that is difficult to heat or make secure.
  • You are homeless

Support needs -at least one of the following support needs must apply to you:

  • You are frail because of your age
  • You have physical or mental health problems, such as dementia
  • You have multiple health problems that mean you need support
  • You need support to maintain a tenancy
  • You have a poor quality of life due to loneliness and isolation
  • You have a hearing or sight problem that affects your day-to-day activities
  • You have issues relating to safety and security that affect your day-to-day activities
  • You are over 75 – but need less support – and you are planning your future

To apply for Sheltered Housing, please contact our Sheltered Assessment Officers Paula Rodrigues on 020 7974 1991 or Eva Menon on 020 7974 4764

If you require any further support contact the sheltered housing team.  

More information and other sheltered housing options

More information

Read further information about the different Sheltered Housing schemes in Camden (PDF)

More sheltered housing options

Contact these organisations directly if you are interested in any of these schemes.

Leasehold sheltered schemes in Camden

  • Davina House - one- and two bedroom sheltered flats available to lease.
  • Osprey Court - 25 two-bedroom sheltered flats to lease.

Sheltered housing to buy in Camden

Elderly Accommodation Counsel - provides a free advice and information service.