It is against the law to sell fake products. Fake products are unauthorised copies of genuine branded products and in many cases do not comply with product safety and standards.  

Fake products are often produced with lower quality materials and can be health impacting in products such as: 

  • vapes 

  • toys 

  • medicines 

  • electrical products 

  • cosmetics 

What happens if you sell fake goods 

Selling fake goods is a criminal offence. You could get up to 10 years in prison. 

If you sell fake products, law enforcement can seize your assets. Money you have made from selling these goods, can be recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. 

Selling fake goods in your shop means that you feed into criminal activities including crimes such as: 

  • organised crime groups 

  • drug dealing 

  • child sexual exploitation 

  • human trafficking  

  • terrorism 

  • modern slavery 

Law enforcement is investigating and stopping the sale of fake products in Camden. 

Do the right thing 

Do the right thing in Camden and only sell legitimate products. You can buy branded goods for re-sale directly from the brands or from authorised distributors or wholesalers. You will find them by doing an internet search. 

Business support 

Contact Grow London Local the one place to get free access to the support you need to help grow your business in London. 

The British Library Business & IP Centre  at St Pancras provides free intellectual property (IP) advice, access to IP research and guides. It also offers information clinics and one-to-ones to talk through your business ideas.