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Cold calling

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Cold calling

We are warning people not to engage with business who are cold calling. For example, offering jet washing and patio cleaning services. 

There have been reports of residents who have agreed to having works done at a set price, only to find on completion the business tries to charge significantly more.  

The traders claim there was a misunderstanding and that the price is quoted per square meter or per square foot, £10 or £4. In some cases, residents feel they have no alternative but to pay. Residents aren’t given cancellation rights as required by law. 

Don’t accept work from cold callers 

The best advice is not to deal with traders on the doorstep. If you need to employ trades to work a personal recommendation goes a long way. Which? Trusted Traders  also provides lists of vetted traders. 

The Library of Things has a pressure washer available to hire for those who want to do the work themselves. 

For more advice visit Doorstep Crime - London Trading Standards, or read the the doorstep crime booklet. 

Display a no cold calling sticker 

Anyone can display a ‘No Cold Calling Super Sticker’. Trading Standards advise that its best if multiple people in a street display them. 

Download a 'No Cold Calling Super Sticker' to display in your door or window.

No Cold Calling Zones

No Cold Calling Zones are areas where callers selling goods or services are not welcome. They aim to decrease doorstep crime. Signs and stickers are placed on lampposts and doors or windows of homes in the zone.

The following streets in Camden are No Cold Calling Zones:

  • Southampton Road
  • Quadrant Grove
  • Maldon Place
  • Grafton Terrace
  • Thurlow Terrace
  • Herbert Street

Setting up a No Cold Calling Zone

Zones may be set up:

  • in response to crime
  • local crime intelligence
  • on request and following a consultation with residents

Zones should meet three criteria before they can be set up:

  1. A history of doorstep crime or distraction burglary
  2. A vulnerable population
  3. A defined geographical area

Home improvements 

If you’re looking for able trades people, we advise that you use schemes such as: 

They offer advice on how you can check what registration and vetting procedures are in place. You can also find trusted traders at Age UK London or call them on 0800 334 5056

If you’re thinking of having a complex build, we advise using the services of a RICS surveyor or project manager. 

For consumer advice visit Citizens Advice