Children are offered free schooling from age 4 to 18 in the UK. If you have children of a school age, they can go to school or college in the UK.  

Each school year starts in September and ends in the following July. Find out more about school terms dates

To find out about school places and to make an application on our admissions page or contact the school admissions team on 020 7974 1625. You can also visit a local school if you want to and ask if they have vacancies.   

School uniform 

If you need help with the cost of school uniform, ask the school if they would help you apply for a grant. These organisations might be able to help: 



Free school meals 

You might be able to get free school meals for your child. You need to apply online: 

There are also further and higher education colleges in Camden for those aged over 16. You you can also find a range of adult learning opportunities on our adult community learning webpages.