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School travel plans

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School travel plans

A plan by schools to manage transport issues

A School Travel Plan is a practical plan used by schools to manage their transport issues. 

They have two main purposes: 

  • to reduce the number of vehicle trips to a school site by encouraging and/or developing alternative travel options 
  • to raise awareness about travel issues such as air pollution and road safety 

School Travel Plans are now produced and assessed on Transport for London’s STARS website

Schools doing their School Travel Plans using the TfL STARS online system can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. The award level depends on the amount of activities they do throughout the school year. They also set targets for increasing active travel to school. 

Schools who get involved in the STARS program are eligible to receive funding to support their travel plans. 

STARS schools case studies  

St Anthony’s School, NW3 

  • Gold accredited on STARS 
  • Been on STARS since 2013, and awarded Gold in 2016 
  • Achieved 12% increase in walking/scooting/cycling to school in the last 3 years, and a 3% decrease in car use 
  • Popular STARS activities that pupils have participated in are: pedestrian skills training, Bikeability and walking trips 
  • The school distributes Travel Information Packs to parents and carers. These raise general awareness about the school's commitment to sustainable transport. They also outline steps parents/carers can take to travel to school by foot, bike, public transport and so on.

Regent High School (Secondary), NW1 

  • Gold accredited on STARS 
  • Been on STARS since 2015, awarded Gold in 2017 
  • Achieved a 2% increase in cycling to school since being on STARS. Active travel to the school has gone up by 12%. 
  • The school has a bike club. Pupils who are in the club attend cycling related trips regularly. They also learn bike maintenance skills to City and Guilds standard.

We also offer a number of free initiatives to support your schools travel plan. You can find these on the School travel and child road safety page