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Safeguarding adults and children

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Safeguarding adults and children

Camden Council works with a range of partners including the police, schools and doctors to protect adults and children from harm. Everyone in Camden can help keep children and adults safe.  

If you are worried about a child

If you believe a child is in danger or at immediate risk of harm, call the police on 999 straight away.  

Our Camden Children & Families Contact Service is a single access point providing advice, information and support for children, and young people who may need extra help or who are vulnerable and are at risk.  

If you are worried about a child or young person, call the Contact Service on 0207 974 3317 (9am to 5pm) or 0207 974 4444 – outside office hours, weekends or bank holidays) or email [email protected]. More information is on the Children & Families Contact Service website.

If you are worried about an adult

If you think an adult is in immediate danger, call the police on 999 straight away. If it is not urgent, call 101.  

If you are worried about your safety or the safety of an adult, call 020 7974 4444 and when promoted, say 'Adult Social Care' or email [email protected]

If you are able to, please share the important information below

What you know of the person’s care and support needs 

Details of the suspected abuse or neglect if this is the reason for the concern 

Information should be shared with the adult’s consent wherever possible. 

You can also complete a form called the multi-agency safeguarding adults referral form and email it to the team at [email protected]