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Are you worried about a child?

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Are you worried about a child?

Report a vulnerable child or child abuse

In cases of an emergency and immediate response, always contact the police on 999

If you are worried a child or young person is at risk of, or has suffered significant harm, contact the Children and Families Contact service:

What is the Children and Families Contact Service?

The Children and Families Contact Service incorporates the Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team and the First Stop Early Help team.

If you contact us about a vulnerable child or child abuse, we will:

  • process all referrals and requests for children’s social care services
  • make decisions on the most suitable response based on the child’s needs and the level of risk
  • pass on referrals to the most appropriate service

Camden Safeguarding Children Partnership

Camden Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (CSCP) is responsible for ensuring agencies work together effectively to safeguard the welfare of Camden children. 

The CSCP is lead by 3 statutory safeguarding partners:

  • Camden Council
  • Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • North Central Borough Command Unit (BCU) of the London Metropolitan Police

Thresholds for children's services 2023