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Social work services

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Social work services

Camden Model of Social Work

The Camden Model of Social Work is the model of practice our social workers follow when working with families. It is based on strong relationships between social workers and families working together to understand, and be responsive to the pressures they are facing to ensure positive change for children.

Family Group Conference

A Family Group Conference is a meeting of family members and others close to the family to talk about the needs of the children or young people and make plans for them.

Whether you are in difficult times or need support making plans for your children, a Family Group Conference is a chance to get together, find out what is happening and come to a solution that is best for the child.

The service is free and independent, and is available for any family who are already involved with children's social work or early help services, and where a plan needs to be made for a child.

To find out more, you can contact the service or read the policy guidance

Advocacy support for families

We are committed to ensuring children and parents receiving a service from CSSW are able to get their views heard and take part in decision making.

We encourage children and parents to use an advocate to help express their views. This person can be a friend, family member or other professional who works with you and is independent of Camden.

For more information, read our advocacy support information leaflet.

Participation and service user involvement

Children and parents have a statutory right to be fully involved and consulted on decisions affecting the child’s care where the state is intervening in family life. As service users, children and parents are also encouraged to get involved in helping us to design better services.

This ensures the best decisions are being made and helps build good relationships, resilience and confidence.

Children and parents will be given a full explanation by their social worker as to how and why they can participate in decision-making and how their views will be taken into account.

If you are a young person from Camden and have a social worker, you should visit Back Chat.

Information sharing and accessing your records

We have a legal duty to provide social care services to children and families in the borough to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  

To do this we will collect, share and process information about children and families who receive our services. For more information, read our privacy notice.

If you would like to access your own social care records, contact the Information Rights Team.