Bespoke advice service on major developments

We offer a bespoke advice service on major developments, often through Planning Performance agreements. These may include a combination of the following: 


Why should I apply for major pre-application advice? 

  • To get clear written advice before you submit an application 
  • Help you to make informed decisions on planning matters at all stages of developing your project 
  • It will make it easier to process your planning application 
  • A planning performance agreement will provide certainty throughout the process 

How do I apply for major development pre-application advice? 

Please submit as much information as possible when applying for advice. As a minimum we suggest you include: 

  • A summary of the proposal and what you want the advice to focus on 
  • Drawings/sketches showing the proposal 
  • Photographs of the site and surrounding context 

Send your information to Once we have received your fee, a planning officer will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.  

Planning Performance Agreement 

The standard fee of £12,609.95 (inc VAT), covers the cost of:  

  • A planned and responsive pre-application service 
  • A structured and predictable approach from pre-application to the formal decision 
  • Greater flexibility afforded by agreement on timescales for decision 

Additional fees will apply depending on the scale of the development.

Major development meeting 

  • 10-20 residential units 
  • Non-residential increase of 1000-2000m² 
  • Changes of use between 1000-1999m² 
  • Fee: £10,087.96 (inc VAT)

Major development follow up advice - single issue

  • Fee: £2,550 (inc VAT)

Large major development meeting  

  • 21 or more residential units 
  • Non-residential increase of more than 2000 m² 
  • Changes of use over 2000m² 
  • Fee: £15,131.94 (inc VAT)

Large major development follow up advice - single issue 

  • Fee: £5,144 (inc VAT)

Camden Design Review Panel 

The Camden Design Review Panel is an independent and impartial panel of built environment experts e.g. architects, landscape designers and urban designers, who assess the design of a proposal with the aim of improving the quality of buildings and places for the benefit of the public. 

Camden's Design Review Panel is a service provided by Frame Projects and is funded independently of the Council. Applicants are referred to the panel by the Council as an external service and fees are paid by the applicant to Frame Projects for delivering this service.   

Find full details of the Camden Design Review Panel including its purpose, what users of the service can expect, and a list of panel members.   

Freedom of Information 

Pre-application advice will be published online once a related application is submitted. We will consider requests for advice to be disclosed at earlier stages, on a case-by-case basis.  

If you consider that any information contained in your pre-application should be exempt bring this to the Council’s attention at the time of your request. We will take into account any reasons you have provided for making it exempt and will contact you before releasing any information. 

More information 

Make a Freedom of Information request 

Environmental Information Regulations