About pavement licences

A Pavement Licence is a licence which allows for the licence holder to place moveable furniture over a part of the highway adjacent to your premises.

This process has been developed to allow businesses to utilise outside areas in time for the summer months and to support the reopening of businesses following government restrictions. The licence will remain in place for one year and will not extend beyond 30th September 2021.

If you are granted a pavement licence, clear access routes on the highway will need to be maintained taking into account the needs of all users.  

'Streatery' or licensing a communal area away from the premises

If you are organising a 'streatery' with a number of restaurants using a communal area away from the premises for dining, please email tablesandchairslicence@camden.gov.uk. Provide your telephone number so that we can contact you to dicuss the proposal and requirements.

Apply for a licence

All applications must be applied for online and we cannot accept postal applications.

The fee for this licence is £100 and please ensure you follow the checklist below and read though the guidance before you apply:

Fill in the pavement licence application form

  1. Provide a telephone number so that we may contact you to take payment for the application.
  2. Provide a plan to scale of the area you intend to use by marking the location with a red line. You must also mark on the plan the furniture being used and the position of the same.
  3. Provide a copy of your liability insurance.
  4. It is also recommended that you provide a copy of your COVID Risk Assessment.
  5. Ensure you have checked the standard conditions which are attached to all granted pavement licences
  6. Contact tablesandchairslicence@camden.gov.uk if you require further assistance.


Once we have received a valid application, a 7 day public consultation period  will commence (excluding bank holidays, Christmas Day and Good Friday).

You will need to display a notice on your premises setting out the details of your application for 7 days from the date we receive your application.

Members of the public, responsible authorities or any other interested party may make a comment of on your application during this time.

All comments will be considered when the authority determines the application.

What happens next

The application must be determined by the authority 7 days from when your consultation period ends. If you have not received a decision from the authority in that time, your application will be deemed to be granted.

When considering your application, we will have regard to public health and safety, public amenities, accessibility and any comments received during the public consultation.

You application will either be granted, granted and modified or refused. The decision made by the authority is final and there is no right of appeal.

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