Our commitments explain how we will work by the principles and achieve the vision, success criteria and governance written in the Data Charter.  

The commitments have timescales, with some to be met in the next year and some being long-term or ongoing.  

The commitments may be renewed or changed, and new ones may be created through our program of public engagements mentioned below. 

In response to the new principle about communications and accessibility (Principle 8), the Council has made some new commitments specifically in response to that new principle:  

Commitments to be met in the next year 

We will move from a Resident Panel approach to less formal engagement events, Camden Talks. These will be held in each of the five neighbourhood areas in the borough in partnership with our voluntary and community sector partners. These will focus on changes to services and proposed data enabling those changes. Residents will be able to have discussions and give feedback in these sessions. We commit to this pledge by May 2024.  

We will develop communications materials that break down particular aspects of data use, including in making changes to council services. Residents will be able to feedback on these uses. We commit to this pledge by May 2024. 

We will develop accessible communications around the Data Charter and data use in formats including easy read for people with learning disabilities, British Sign Language and translated materials. We will also create printed information about the Data Charter and data use to distribute in libraries and community spaces. We commit to this pledge by August 2023.   

Long-term or ongoing commitments 

We commit to an annual programme of Camden Talks engagement events across the borough around data use. 

We commit to improving how our Open Data Camden platform displays information, and to make its contents more visual where possible.  

If a new technology or data use is proposed by the Council that is not currently used by the Council, then we will hold a Resident Panel to discuss before a decision is made to implement this.