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Camden's Data Charter

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Camden's Data Charter

Our Data Charter guides how we collect, process and share data ethically. It was co-created with 2 resident panels made up of Camden citizens. 

Why we created a Data Charter 

We believe that data rights are human rights. We use of a wide range of data to improve residents' experiences with council services.   

We know it’s not always easy to have trust in organisations that use your personal information. We want to lead the way and act as a responsible custodian of data.  

All organisations in Camden need to work together to have the biggest impact on building trust in data sharing.  

Watch our video explaining how and why we have created a Data Charter

Data Charter principles  

The principles of our Data Charter are:  

  • Build trust through transparency  
  • Provide accountability and oversight  
  • Make sure data is secure, safe and ethical  
  • Make sure data is used for public good and be mindful of residents' data  
  • Be beneficial for all by using an outcomes-based approach  
  • Camden’s external partners should sign up to the Data Charter principles  
  • Protect individuals' rights and privacy  
  • Ensuring that the information we share about data use is clear and accessible  

To make sure these principles are kept, we have made a set of commitments in response to the Data Charter.   

Read the data charter

For more information about our Data Charter, you can read the full document. This includes: 

  • its principles  
  • the vision  
  • governance   
  • success criteria  

Read the data charter, PDF

Accessible versions 

Our Data Charter is also available in the following accessible formats: 

Find out more 

Our Data Charter was developed with residents, community groups and partner organisations in Camden. Find out more about how we developed the Data Charter

You can also learn more about how we're using data from: 

If you have any questions about our Data Charter or data use in Camden, email [email protected]