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Developing the Data Charter

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Developing the Data Charter

We developed the Data Charter  with residents, community groups and partner organisations in Camden. This took place across two Resident Panels. One in October 2021 and one in January 2023. 

Who was involved? 

The key partners were: 

  • Involve, the UK’s leading public participation charity 
  • The Alan Turing Institute, the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. 
  • The Wellcome Trust, a research charity with a mission to improve health, helped to fund the project. 

What was the process? 

In the first phase we invited residents to comment on our data use case studies. We also held discussions with community groups and had interviews with residents. You can read the report on understanding residents' attitudes to Camden Council's use of data (PDF) 

We then recruited a Resident Panel that represented Camden’s communities, according to the 2011 census demographics.   

We held three-day sessions with resident panelists to introduce data and how data is currently used in Camden. We also looked at the opportunities and challenges in sharing data. 

Speakers included representatives from: 

We then held a second Resident Panel in January 2023 with a new set of residents, who were also recruited to represent of the borough according to 2011 census demographics. 

The panelists were again asked to come to three-day sessions to look at case studies of how the Data Charter has been used to change how we handle data to make sure we do so ethically.  

Panellists then agreed on additions and changes to the Charter principles to improve how Camden understands the principles. 

We have committed to holding less formal but more often discussions with residents about how data is used at Camden. These will be called Camden Talks.  

We will be holding the first one in September, and then again in October. Information on how to get involved will be shared on this page.