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On-street bike parking for residents

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On-street bike parking for residents

Bicycle hangar in Camden

We are committed to providing cycle (bike) hangars on our streets and housing estates as part of our residential cycle parking programme. We currently have circa 300 bike hangars on streets across the borough, providing 1,800 covered, secure, and fully enclosed bike parking spaces for residents. However, there is growing demand from residents living in high density dwellings that are common in the Borough and usually have limited space for covered and secure bike parking. Our current bike hangar supplier, Cyclehoop, provides a standard bike hangar which accommodates 6 standard sized bikes. A cargo bike hangar which accommodates 2 cargo bikes (or similar) is also available

Residents in Camden have told us that they would like to have more lockable bike parking close to where they live. We know that a lack of somewhere covered and secure to keep bikes can discourage people from taking up cycling. We want to help as many people as we can to take up cycling if they want to. To help we have a programme of bike hangar installations across the borough.

We want to support the 17 recommendations from Camden’s Citizens Assembly on the climate crisis. Bike hangars also help to deliver our own Transport Strategy priorities, which were strongly supported when we consulted on them, including increasing cycling, improving air quality, and making our streets and transport networks safe, accessible, and inclusive for all. Bike hangars also help to deliver priorities in our Climate Action Plan and Clean Air Strategy and Clean Air Action Plan.

Residents can request a space or join the waiting list for a space in one of our existing bike hangars on the Cyclehoop website or the Falco website.

You can request the provision of bike hangars on our streets. Officers then consider requests based on demand data and funding availability.

Make a bike hangar application.

The current cost to rent a space in one of our bike hangars is £36 per year. Residents also must pay a key deposit of £25 which is refundable upon return at the end of the rental agreement. These prices are set by our current and former suppliers, Cyclehoop and Falco respectively.