West Kentish Town Estate was built in 1964 and consists of 316 homes in 3 and 4 storey blocks.  Council officers have been finding out from residents what they like and dislike about their homes and estate. This is so that the Council can decide how to make the estate a better place to live.

West Kentish Town Estate Renewal Steering Group

In December 2017 the West Kentish Town Estate Renewal Steering Group was set up. This is one of the ways Camden is learning from residents about the possible renewal and redevelopment of their estate.

Residents and Leaseholder Meetings

We have been holding online meetings with residents and leaseholders throughout 2020 to update on our progress since the ballot in March.  

Selection of Architects

In June 2018 residents visited housing schemes designed by architects shortlisted by the Council.  Three representatives from the Steering Group were trained and sat on the interview panel which selected PRP architects. The architects then ran a series of workshops with residents to develop options for their estate. You can view the exhibition boards below.  Residents also wrote their own brief for what they want out of any scheme.


Phasing & Programme Milestones Map (October 2020)

Consulting Residents

It has become clear during the conversation with residents over the last 12 months that there is strong support for complete redevelopment of the estate.  From the evidence that we collected during March of this year, we found that 90% of 71 households supported complete redevelopment.  The technical feasibility work that the Council has carried out over the last 12 months also indicates complete redevelopment represents the best option with regard to sustainability, buildability and performance against the Residents’ Brief (this is explained in more detail in the May exhibition display).

This would entail:

  • Complete redevelopment of the West Kentish Town Estate, including demolition and rebuilding of all existing homes located inside the red-line on this plan 
  • The new estate would comprise around 800 to 880 new homes of which a minimum of 40% would be affordable homes

As part of this process, a Section 105 Consultation, a requirement of the Housing Act 1987 started from 3 May and completed on 31 May.

All residents and non-residential leaseholders have been sent a pack of information explaining the preferred option, recommended by officers to Camden’s Cabinet and asking for feedback. The pack included:

In July 2019 the Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy (Councillor Danny Beales) and Council officers recommended to Camden Council’s Cabinet that the preferred option to be taken to a resident ballot be complete redevelopment.

Cabinet met on 17 July 2019 and agreed to the recommendations.  It is now the Council's confirmed position that complete redevelopment is the preferred option for the future of West Kentish Town Estate.  See the minutes and a webcast of the meeting here.

A ballot of residents will take place in early 2020.  This will be a yes or no vote.   Booklets have been published setting out the offer for Council tenants, resident and non-resident leaseholders: 

Residents will vote on The Landlord Offer.  We will be holding workshops on the content of this and all residents will receive a copy to their home.

Ballot on Redevelopment of West Kentish Town Estate

The resident ballot on Redevelopment closed on 17 March 2020.

93 per cent of eligible voting residents voted Yes in the ballot, 7 per cent voted No to the proposals. There was an amazing 84.9 per cent turnout.

Read the letter Councillor Beales sent to the residents here.  

Camden Council was required to hold a ballot on West Kentish Town Estate by the Greater London Authority.  The ballot asked whether or not residents are in favour of the full redevelopment of their Estate and the construction of new homes.   Residents were asked to vote “Yes” or “No” on the following question:

“Are you in favour of the proposal for the redevelopment of West Kentish Town Estate?”.

You can read more about the development proposals in the documents below.

Ballot Workshops

Residents have been involved in ballot workshops since October 2019, where they have been learning about the development process and been involved in creating a Resident Brief and Vision Statement.

On 27 January, Councillor Beales - the Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy, wrote to all eligible voters on the Estate announcing the dates and how residents can vote.

Residents were asked to vote on the Landlord Offer, which was delivered on 7 February 2020, along with the documents you can view below.

Contact us

Visit our Community Liaison Advisors, Yasmin and Jamal, at the West Kentish Town Estate drop-in space at 44 Ashdown Crescent (just off Queen’s Crescent), NW5 4QE Mondays and Wednesdays 10am-5.30pm, Fridays 10am-2pm.  Yasmin and Jamal will be happy to help with any enquiry and can arrange to meet residents in their home if this is more convenient. 

Yasmin: 07879 636 783
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