Camden maternity services

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you need to get booked in with a local maternity service as soon as possible.

ASAP leaflet for contact information (PDF)

Why is it important to book early?

It is important for both you and the developing baby to be seen by maternity services because:

You may be eligible for free vouchers for milk, fruit and vegetables from NHS Healthy Start. Healthy Start also includes vouchers for free folic acid, vitamin C and D tablets. These vitamins and minerals are really important for you and the developing baby. 

If you suffer from a long-term condition, like diabetes or heart disease, it is important that your condition is managed by the maternity team. You may need to visit the hospital for checks, rather than local services.

You may be experiencing a problem with a relationship, housing, money or other concerns. You can share these confidentially when you attend for appointments. 

How do I go about booking?

Make an appointment with your GP. The GP can discuss your options for future care and refer you to a local maternity unit.

You can also book an appointment directly with one of the local units. However they may request a GP referral letter, so you would need to visit your GP practice for this.

Further advice

Pregnant? What to do next… (PDF)

Camden’s Children Centres – providing information and services for pregnant mothers and young families

Book into a Camden maternity unit

The 2 local Camden maternity units are:

University College London Hospital (UCLH) Maternity Services
Link to: UCLH maternity website 
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing
Ante-natal Clinic
25 Grafton Way, London
Patient enquiries: 020 3447 9400

Royal Free Hospital
Link to: royal free maternity website 
Pond Street
NW3 2QG 
Tel: 020 7794 0500 (extension 36169)