Local Plan

Camden Local Plan Review 

Work has started on the review of the Camden Local Plan 2017 – the Council’s main planning document, which provides the framework for managing development in the borough.

Alongside the Local Plan review, the Council is continuing to progress the update to the Site Allocations Local Plan, which sets out its approach to sites where significant future development is expected.

To inform the development of the new and updated Local Plan for Camden we held a call for views from 4 November 2022 to 13 January 2023. To find out more about this engagement and view the responses please visit our Local Plan Commonplace site

The responses received as part of this engagement will feed into the preparation of the draft Local Plan, that will be published for consultation later in 2023. The timetable for the Local Plan review is available to view here. 

Adopted Local Plan

The Council has adopted a number of planning documents that together form the development plan for Camden. This is the starting point for planning decisions in the borough.

The Camden Local Plan is the key strategic document in Camden’s development plan.  It sets out the vision for shaping the future of the Borough and contains policies for guiding planning decisions.  

The Local Plan was adopted by Council on 3 July 2017. It has replaced the Core Strategy and Camden Development Policies documents. It is now the basis for planning decisions and future development in Camden.

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Camden Local Plan (High resolution)

Camden Local Plan (Low resolution)

Adoption Statement

Consolidated Sustainability Appraisal

Policies Map Alterations

Further information about the preparation of the Camden Local Plan: Camden Local Plan adoption page.

Policies Map

The policies map displays the areas covered by different planning policies in Camden. It is available in two formats:

Interactive map :  planning designations and constraints can be selected individually or in combination. A zoom function makes it easier to see which policies apply to an individual property, site or area. 

PDF map

Note on Archaeological Priority Areas (APAs): since the Camden Local Plan was adopted in 2017, the APAs have been reviewed by Historic England's Greater London Archaeological Advisory Service (GLAAS).  GLAAS has proposed revised areas and descriptions for the APAs in Camden: this is set out in a report submitted to the Council in 2018.

The GLAAS report therefore forms the most up-to-date information regarding APAs in the borough. The proposed changes will form part of the evidence base for the Council's Local Plan review


Site Allocations

Site Allocations Review

The Council are reviewing the Camden Site Allocations Plan (2013). This document sets out the Council's approach to future development on key sites across the borough. Once adopted, this Plan will replace policies in the 2013 Site Allocations Plan. It will be used with other policies in Camden’s Development Plan to assess development proposals on key sites and areas.

A consultation on the draft Site Allocations Local Plan (SALP) took place between 13 February and 27 March 2020.  In response to various requests from local residents and community groups, further consultation was undertaken on the 2020 draft Plan in December 2021 / January 2022. 

We received over 1000 responses to both consultations.

Further engagement work was undertaken by community researchers in early 2022.

Alongside the consultation on the Site Allocations Local Plan, we also asked for comments on our current planning policy approach to energy, adaptation and resources. 

All comments received during the consultations will be taken into account when updating the Site Allocations Local Plan.

Work on the new Site Allocations Local Plan will now be progressed alongside the Local Plan Review, with the intention of publishing the draft Local Plan and updated draft Site Allocations for consultation later in 2023. 

To inform the development of the Site Allocations Local Plan we held a further call for sites from the 4th November 2022 to the 13th  January 2023, as part of the engagement on the Local Plan review. To find out more more about this engagement please visit our Local Plan Commonplace site.

More information on the Site Allocations review and draft Site Allocation Plan and supporting documents can be viewed here

Adopted Site Allocations Plan

Our site allocations document forms part of the ‘development plan’ for Camden. This is the starting point for planning decisions. It sets out guidelines for future development on significant sites across the borough likely to be subject to development proposals.

Camden adopted the current Site Allocations Plan in September 2013.

Euston Area Plan

The Euston Area Plan has been prepared to guide the transformational change of Euston station and the surrounding area.

Fitzrovia Area Action Plan

The Fitzrovia Area Action Plan has been prepared in response to development pressures and to coordinate proposals for identified sites in the area. 

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning helps local communities shape development in their area.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has provided guidance to councils and neighbourhood forums on how this affects neighbourhood planning. Find out about the relevant changes in the planning guidance document below:

MHCLG neighbourhood planning guidance

North London Waste Plan

The North London Waste Plan (NLWP) sets out the planning framework for waste management in the seven north London Boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest.

The North London Waste Plan was adopted by the Council on 27 June 2022 and now forms part of Camden's statutory development plan. It has also been adopted by the other boroughs. The Plan identifies suitable sites for the management of north London's waste and policies for determining planning applications for waste facilities.

Further details including the Inspectors Report, Main Modifications and Sustainability Appraisal can be found on the NLWP website.

Camden Planning Policy Newsletter

Camden's Planning Policy Newsletter keeps you up-to-date with the work on the Council's planning policy documents and related planning news. 

Summer 2023 Planning Policy Newsletter