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Construction Management Plans

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Construction Management Plans

When is a construction management plan required?

With all major applications, and other applications set out within Local Plan para 6.13, and identified in relevant Neighbourhood Plans.

How will a CMP affect my construction programme?

Developers and contractors should ensure that timescales for CMPs are fully built into construction programmes and contracts. This includes consultation, submission, revisions and approval. This should include:

  • the time required to prepare a draft CMP
  • community consultation on the draft CMP. This should allow at least two weeks for people to comment and time to consider and respond to any comments
  • submission, revisions and approval. It generally takes up to three months for a draft CMP to be approved after being submitted to the Council. It sometimes takes longer. It depends on the quality of the original CMP and the nature of the works proposed. You must allow time for us to consider and review CMPs. Usually there is a need for at least one set of revisions before it can be approved.

Consultation prior to submitting your CMP

Developers/contractors must consult with the local community around a site. This is before you submit a draft Construction Management Plan (CMP) to the Council.

Submit a CMP