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Before you bid 

Before you can bid, you'll need to be approved to join Camden’s housing register.  

Once you're approved, we will send a letter to confirm: 

  • your housing points 
  • the greatest number of bedrooms that you can apply for  
  • your user ID, PIN number and chosen word 

You will use points you have been awarded to bid for properties on Camden Home Connections. This is when you make an expression of interest in a property that matches your housing needs.  

You should only bid on properties that you think will meet your needs. Bidding on properties that you're not interested in can impact other people’s ability to view them.  

How points are awarded 

Points are awarded based on your circumstances. Full details are set out in our Housing Allocation Scheme (PDF). 

Room limits 

You cannot usually bid for properties larger than your assessed need. However, you can bid for council properties with one bedroom less if this: 

  • will improve your current housing situation  
  • does not significantly overcrowd your home 

You can expect to be in this smaller property for a long time unless your circumstances change significantly. So do think about this before you place a bid for a smaller property. 

Large family size properties with four or more bedrooms are extremely rare.  Adult children living with you can make their own application for housing to reduce overcrowding.  

How to bid for a property 

Find out how to:  

Bid on Home Connections

When to bid 

Properties are advertised weekly. Bidding takes place between Thursday morning and midnight on Monday. You should only place bids on properties you would like to live in. 

When bidding for properties, remember: 

  • you need to make sure that you register your bid before the bid cycle closes 
  • the shortlist will not depend on when you bid, but on the number of points you have 
  • you will not be able to bid for properties larger than you need 

What happens next 

Once the bid cycle closes we review the bids placed for each property and shortlist applicants with the highest points. If you have a medical recommendation for a ground floor property, you may be prioritised for a ground floor home.

If you are successful in your bid, we will invite you by text to view the property.  

If you are offered the property and refuse it, it will be offered to the next highest bidder. This will continue until an applicant accepts the property.  

When you view and accept a property, we will check that your details are correct on the housing register. It’s important to tell us about a change of circumstances. You could lose the offer of a property if you do not keep your details up to date or we are unable to contact you.