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Council housing: report a change in your circumstances

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Council housing: report a change in your circumstances

Step 8 of the council housing and housing associations: step-by-step guide

You must tell us straight away if you have had a change in circumstance. This includes since you joined the register, or you last updated your application. Failure to keep your application up to date may result in an offer being withdrawn.

It is an offense to knowingly provide false information (including to withhold relevant information) as part of the housing application or verification process.     

An update is required even if you've told another team in the Council. For example, if you claim benefits, or have registered a birth or a death. The main applicant is responsible for reporting any change in circumstance.

Some of the reasons you might need to update your application are:

  • Your contact details such as email or phone number have changed
  • You have moved home
  • You or someone in your household has changed their name or gender
  • Someone in your household has had a new baby
  • Someone has moved into or joined your household
  • Someone has moved out e.g. left your household, or died
  • You or someone in your household have had a divorce or relationship breakdown, even if both people are still living in the property
  • You or someone in your household face a risk to their safety which affects their ability to remain at home
  • You hold more than £32,000 in household savings or financial assets
  • You or someone on your application have bought or gained a legal interest in a residential property. This can be in the UK or abroad
  • There has been a significant change in the medical circumstances of you or a member of your household which is affected by your housing
  • There has been a change in your immigration status
  • A significant change in a medical condition and how it is impacted by your housing

Before you start

The form may take about 30 minutes to complete and you cannot save your progress. To log in you will need your:

  • housing application number (this is the same as your User ID used to bid on Home Connections)
  • security number
  • date of birth of someone on the application
  • your password

You can find your application number at the top of the letter you received when you joined the register. It will also be on an update from a previous change in circumstances. Your security number will also be included on this letter. 

You will have set your password when you first logged into Home Connections. You can reset your security number or password if you have forgotten or want to change them.

Report a change of circumstances 

What happens next

After you complete and submit your form, we will check the information provided to confirm whether your housing need has changed. While we check this information you will not be able to bid for a property on Home Connections. It can take up to 6 weeks to get back to you. Please bear with us while we work hard to respond. We may contact you for additional information as part of this process. This may take longer if you have reported a medical condition and our Medical Assessment Officer needs to assess your case.

Once we have reviewed your application you will receive a letter that confirms your up-to-date points award which corresponds to your current housing need.

Cancel your application 

You should cancel your entry on the housing register if you no longer require social housing. This might be because your circumstances have changed, you have resolved your housing need, or you are no longer eligible. To cancel your housing application, you will need your housing application number.

Cancel your housing application