Construction Management Plans

As a dense, urban borough, construction activities can have significant impacts on surrounding communities, particularly in relation to impacts on roads, noise and air quality.  
Where appropriate, the Council requires developers to prepare a Construction Management Plan (CMP), which can help minimise the impact of construction, both for construction on site and the transport arrangements for servicing.

How will a CMP affect my construction programme?

Developers and contractors should ensure that timescales for CMPs (including consultation, submission, revisions and approval) are fully built into construction programmes and contracts. This should include:

  • The time required to prepare a draft CMP
  • Community consultation on the draft CMP, allowing at least two weeks for people to comment and time to consider and respond to any comments
  • Submission, revisions and approval: it generally takes up to three months for a draft CMP to be approved following its initial submission to the Council and sometimes longer, depending on the quality of the original CMP and the nature of the works proposed. This is because of the time taken to consider and review CMPs, and the usual need for at least one set of revisions to be made to the CMP before it can be approved.

Consultation prior to submitting your CMP

Developers/ contractors must consult with the local community around a site before submitting a draft Construction Management Plan (CMP) to the Council.