We have 40 conservation areas covering around 50% of the borough

The information below will help you find out : 

  • what conservation areas are 
  • where they are found within the borough  
  • what they mean when carrying out work on properties in these areas. 

What are conservation areas? 

Conservation areas are areas of land that have been designated or labelled as being of special architectural or historic interest.  

Conservation area designation recognises the importance of the quality of the area as a whole, as well as protecting individual buildings and trees which make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area. Conservation areas are not created to stop future development, but to ensure that new buildings fit in with the existing special character of the area. 

Conservation areas in Camden

List of conservation areas in Camden, including their appraisals and management strategies.

Check whether an address is in a conservation area

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Do I need permission to carry out work on a property in a conservation area? 

If you want to make alterations to, or demolish, a property  in a conservation area, you will typically need planning permission first. 

For further guidance about whether planning permission is required for a variety of common building work projects, please visit the do I need planning permission? section of our website. 

In many of our conservation areas Article 4 directions are in place which remove permitted development rights. 

You must give us 6 weeks’ notice before any tree work is carried out in a conservation area. This applies to any tree with a trunk diameter of more than 75mm at a height of 1.5 metres. 

How do I report unauthorised demolition or work on a property in conservation area? 

Demolition of a property in a conservation area without planning permission is a criminal offence. If you believe that a property, or part of a property, is being demolished or altered without our permission, please report this to us immediately 

Who represents our conservation areas? 

Conservation Area Advisory Committees (CAACs) are groups of local residents and businesses as well as representatives of local historical, civic and amenity societies. Due to their local knowledge, these committees are a valuable source of local advice on planning and conservation issues. We consult them on applications that may affect the character or appearance of a conservation area and on drawing up conservation and design policies throughout the borough. 

Who can I contact to find out more?

Contact the planning advice and information service