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Report a dangerous structure

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Report a dangerous structure

Report a dangerous structure

To report a dangerous structure, please email [email protected]

If you are a Camden Council tenant or leaseholder, contact your housing officer.

If you're not able to contact us in the above ways, call our customer services team on 020 7974 4444

Reports regarding drains, trees, pathways, pavements, curbs and roads need to be reported to:

After making a report

Local Authorities have a statutory duty to attend to dangerous structures that present a danger to the public.

In the event of a Dangerous Structure council officers will make all reasonable efforts to contact the owner of the property to request that they make the structure safe. If the officer is unable to make contact with the legal owner of the property they are authorised to take all reasonable actions to make safe the structure, and the authority will look to recover from the owner the expenses incurred.

Charges 2023 to 2024

Camden Building Control's current charge to attend to a Dangerous Structure is £279.50 for calls during out of hours (5pm to 9am) and £159.00 for calls within working hours (9am to 5pm).

There will be additional charges if the on-duty contractor is called out to remove the danger.