You can request to dedicate a bench in one of our parks. The design matches other benches in the park. A stainless steel plaque is engraved and etched with an inscription of your choice. 

To make a request to dedicate a bench please email with your contact details and the park you would like the bench to reside.  

We don’t manage Hampstead Heath, Regent's Park or Primrose Hill. For benches here, contact: 

City of London (Hampstead Heath)


Bench costs vary depending on the style of benches on site. 

We have three bench prices; £1654.44, £2009 and £2237

Artworks and memorials 

Before applying to place artworks and memorials in a Camden park, read the guidance document. 

Your proposal must include details of how the cost will be covered and how future management and maintenance costs will be met. We will only consider detailed proposals. 

Apply to place an artwork or memorial