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Sport England

Sport England's Coronavirus hub is regularly updated with the latest information and guidance to support the sector. Here you’ll find updates as and when they happen and how they effect the delivery of sessions in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

To help inspire and motivate the people in your communities to continue to be physically active, Sports England have produced an Autumn and Winter Activity Toolkit that’s filled with resources and information for your organisation.

London Sport

London Sport have a dedicated Covid19 page to provide guidance for everyone in London. The information is listed by date to see when updates were made. NGB's Return to Play guidance documents are also available and updated regularly.  

Club Matters

Club Matters have put together a suite of practical toolkits, guides and case studies to support clubs and organisations through coronavirus and to support them to get back to activity. These include risk assessment templates, social distancing guidance and understand your people guide. 

Sport England Return to Play

Sport England have released a new round of funding called 'Return to Play' which is split into 3 sections:

1. Return to Play: Small Grants

This fund will make awards of between £300 and £10,000, from a total pot of £10m, to help sport and activity groups, clubs and organisations respond to the immediate challenges of returning to play in a coronavirus-safe way.

This could include contributing to covering the costs incurred by having to deliver activity in smaller groups than normal or having the correct hygiene and safety equipment.

Find out all the information on Return to Play: Small Grants on the Sport England website. 

2. Return to Play: Community Asset Fund

This fund will make awards of between £10,001 and £50,000 from a pot of £5m to help local sports clubs and organisations adapt and open important places and spaces to help their local community return to play safely.

This could include contributing to covering the costs incurred by converting existing space to meet social distancing guidelines, or improving a facility’s ventilation.

Find out all the information on Return to Play: Community Asset Fund on the Sport England website.

3. Return to Play: Active Together

Active Together is a crowdfunding initiative that can match fund, up to £10,000, successful Crowdfunder campaigns from a total pot of £1.5m. With expert advice and guidance to support you, this will help local clubs and organisations to run their own crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising for things such as a loss of income due to the crisis, or any other Covid-19 related needs.

Find out all the information on Return to Play: Active Together on the Sport England website.

Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme Funding 

On 8 November, the UK government announced: A £170m COVID Winter Grant Scheme to support children, families and the most vulnerable this winter; and an extension of the HAF programme, covering Easter, Summer and Christmas in 2021 costing up to £220m. 

This is great news and vindication of the many efforts to stop children going hungry during the holidays including, Young Camden Foundation (YCF) Holiday Hub programme. 

Camden has received funding from the DfE to deliver a HAF programme in the borough and in partnership with the council YCF is planning to expand the Holiday Hub programme to reach more children and young people. YCF is looking for community organisations interested in setting up a Holiday Hub in Easter, Summer, and/or Christmas holidays. Please see the following documents for further information:

Submit a HAF Expression of Interest Form 

To find out more or submit your expression of interest in becoming a delivery partner please email

Deadline for applications was 5th March 2021.

Mayor of London - Active Londoners 

The Active Londoners Fund tackles inactivity by supporting individuals and organisations who use sport and other kinds of physical activity to improve the physical and mental health of Londoners. This fund is being delivered in partnership with Thrive LDN, a citywide movement to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Londoners.     

This second and final round will award grants of between £5,000 and £30,000 to individuals and organisations to deliver localised sport and physical activity across London, to get more Londoners active and improve their physical and mental health.

Find out all the information on Active Londoners Fund on the Mayor of London website. 

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