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Camden Active Mark (CAM)

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Camden Active Mark (CAM)

What is CAM?

Camden Active Mark (CAM) is an initiative run by the London Borough of Camden in partnership with Pro-Active Camden, to support the community in developing their activities safely and effectively. 

Camden Active Mark is a progressive framework designed to support community organisations provide quality sport and physical activity. This comprises a set of criteria against the following themes:

•    Governance - ensuring that your organisation is being run effectively. 

•    Delivery - ensuring that your activity is well organised, safe and high quality.  

•   Vision and Commitment - promoting a forward thinking approach, engagement with wider audiences and open to development.  

•    Safeguarding - ensuring that people involved in your activity are safeguarded and protected.

Who is CAM for?

Camden Active Mark is for organisations providing sport and physical activity opportunities in the London Borough of Camden. Organisations will need to be committed to improving their activity, have a desire to grow, develop their offer and engage with potential new members and residents. Eligible organisations include:

•    Community Clubs / Organisations 
•    Youth Clubs 
•    Sport Clubs
•    Satellite Clubs 
•    Not for profit organisations/charities with a remit of sport and physical activity

How to achieve CAM

Camden Active Mark includes three levels:

1. Development
2. Beacon
3. Beacon + 

Please see instructions and the process on how to achieve Camden Active Mark, this has been kept as simple as possible. The first thing to do is to complete an online expression of interest form which can be found on the right hand side of every page under 'related pages'. 

A self-assessment checklist accompanied by a development tool will be sent to you for completion. As organisations work through the self-assessment tool, further information and evidence will be required for certain criteria such as evidence of your safeguarding policy. 

The development tool has been developed to help organisations reflect on the activities delivered and shape a development plan, in partnership with Camden Council.

The self-assessment form should be used to explain how your organisation meets the criteria in daily practice. The tool works alongside this to set future targets and shape your development plan.
N.B. if your organisation has achieved another quality mark such as London Youth Mark, Club Mark or an NGB recognised award, you will be able to share this within the application process. 

The benefits of achieving CAM

There are numerous benefits for completing CAM, these include;

  • Opportunity to review current policies and processes to make potential improvements. 
  • Increased chances of successful funding applications. 
  • Receive a letter of support from Camden Council Sport and Physical Activity Team.
  • Be part of a collective effort to ensure sport and physical activities are safe for residents of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Officer support and guidance to achieve each level.
  • Support for identifying and applying for funding grants. 
  • Activities promoted through partners and colleagues for delivery.
  • Access to appropriate training and resources.
  • Included within official Camden marketing and promotion.
  • Opportunities to be part of London Youth Games representing Camden. 
  • Part of an exclusive email list to receive information on funding, programs and initiatives, first.

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