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Choose to reuse

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Choose to reuse

Repairing, sharing and reusing in Somers Town

Future Neighbourhoods and the circular economy

A ‘circular economy’ is one where things we no longer need or want are repaired, reused, shared or traded to help our community and reduce waste.  

As part of Future Neighbourhoods 2030 there will be a series of workshops and events promoting the ‘circular economy’ in Somers Town and at Charlton Street Market. 

Find out more and get involved at 

Donating to Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society  

Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society run a reuse and surplus food bank and reuse centre for the local community. 

Donate clothing and small home items in good condition to their  'Room of Things' sharing space at Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society, 58 - 62 Phoenix road, NW1 1ES (between 11.30pm and 4.30pm, including weekends).

Find out more about Lifeafterhumus Community Benefit Society - including how you can donate time, money or surplus food. 

Register, Request, Reuse

Are you or your local group interested in reusing  materials or items that may otherwise go to waste?
Find out more and request materials from the NLWA

Refill Station Camden 

You can help reduce plastic waste by buying affordable household, body care and cleaning products that are ethically and sustainably sourced. We now have a separate stall selling dried herbs, spices and teas too. 

See our Refill Station page to find out where and when you can find our refill stalls.

Reuse and repair guides 

  • check out advice from our partners at the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and London Recycles 

Reduce waste, reuse and repair in North London 

Londoner’s guide to repair

NLWA’s guide to second hand items

  • earn rewards for you and your community by reducing, reusing and recycling more

Camden Eco Points


  • download a free mobile app designed to support food waste reduction and cost saving at home

Kitche, the food waste app 

  • find, buy, access collect, or help move edible surplus food online with: 

Olio food sharing app   Too good to go   Plan Zheroes

  •  find more places to Refill - shop, eat and drink with less waste

     Refill London   Refill station Camden 

Electronic and electrical equipment

  • weekly community repair session every Thursday from 11am till 2pm on Queen's Crescent. Learn repair skills and volunteer

Camden Fixing factory

  • find a London business to repair your broken devices

NLWA’s Electrical Repair Map

  • free collection of large electrical items for recycling 

 free large item collections

  • how to recycle small electrical items in Camden

Recycle electrical and electronic items 

Clothes and shoes

Good quality clothing or shoes could be sold online, given away or donated to charity (or to Lifeafterhummus locally).

If you live in a house or converted house, we may be able to collect your clothes, shoes or textiles on the same day as your regular recycling.

Order special recycling bags for clothes, shoes and textiles  or call Veolia.


  • there are open-source and free repair guides for almost everything, including furniture -so that you can teach yourself how to repair.

Ifixit repair guides

  • you can donate reusable furniture in a good condition 

book a British Heart Foundation collection  book a Sue Ryder collection 

Other ways to reuse and recycle 

Private waste collectors can be used, but you have a legal responsibility to check beforehand that they are a licensed waste carrier and will make sure that your waste is dealt with safely and legally. 

LoveJunk is an online marketplace that can match you to nearby licensed waste carriers and reuse charities.

If an item has come to the end of its life, it can be recycled at your nearest reuse and recycling centre.

If you need help moving items in and out of your home then you can download the TipTapp app for free. Use code Somerstown for help to get started.

Pedal Me also provide alternative ways to move you and your items around.