What is Refill Station Camden (RSC)?

Refill Station Camden is at Queen's Crescent Street market on Saturdays; and at Chalton Street Market on Fridays

Refill Station Camden (RSC) sells body care and cleaning products that are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Our stall dispenses liquids and sells other household products to customers that buy or bring their own reusable containers, lidded jars and bottles. You can buy by weight from our bulk tap dispensers so you can choose the right amounts of products you need for your home and family. 

We are committed to creating local green jobs, supporting circular economy enterprise and eliminating unnecessary waste and single use items or outer packaging. We support climate change action and demonstrate how this can be delivered in the community. 

This project was initially funded by the London Waste & Recycling Board (now Re London), and is supported by the North London Waste Authority and a range of community partners.

We will soon be expanding RSC to Chalton Street Market with Future Neighbourhoods funding.

How to get involved?

We are looking for volunteers to help us design and build a new Refill Station Camden trailer stall from reclaimed waste materials. When complete we will also be looking for local volunteers to help run the new stall at, and around, Chalton Street Market. 

We also will be expanding our product range and reach by partnering with local eco-product designers and eco-traders, to help Camden residents buy ethically at affordable prices near to their homes.  

Are you interested in: 

  • helping to design our new Refill Station Camden market stall 
  • finding local suppliers and growers for stall products 
  • operating and promoting a Refill Station Camden market stall
  • volunteering to help with home deliveries and pop-up stall events in 2022
  • providing design or enterprise advise to our volunteers 

Email RefillStationCamden@camden.gov.uk to get involved.

New Circular Economy market

Through the Future Neighbourhoods fund we will be introducing ‘circular trading’ in Somers Town and Chalton Street Market – where the things we no longer need or want can be repaired, reused and traded instead of thrown away.  

We also want to support the wider Camden community to live healthier lives, to buy locally and to take action against climate change. 

Find out more and get involved