How many points do I need?

The number of points you need for a home depends on many factors, including the: 

  • size of the home
  • number of people that bid for the home 
  • number of points the other bidders have 

Average points per successful bid

We cannot tell you how many points you will need, but we can tell you the average and lowest points that successful bidders have had for homes of different sizes recently. 

Number of bedrooms Average points held by recent successful bidders Lowest points held by recent successful bidders 
Studio 195 120
1 280 50
2 493 330
3 487 80
4 638 260
5 or more 600 600

Advice on bidding

When bidding for properties, remember:

  • properties are now advertised twice weekly. The first bid cycle will open on a Monday and close at midnight on Wednesday. The second bid cycle will open on Friday and close at midnight on Sunday.
  • there is no need to bid as soon as bidding opens
  • the shortlist will not be dependent on when you bid, but on your number of points
  • once you have bid successfully the information you have used on your application will be checked. If your application is not up to date your points may be changed  which may affect the success of your bid.
  • you will not be able to bid for properties larger than you need
  • generally bidders with the highest points will be invited to view the property
  • once shortlisted, we will invite you to attend a viewing by phone or text - so please ensure your application is up to date.

Housing allocation policy

This document details the policy we use in relation to bidding for properties.