About yellow lines

Yellow lines are provided where there is a need to restrict parking to help alleviate traffic flow and to prevent obstructions on the highway.

There are two types of yellow lines used within the borough:

  • Double lines - which indicate that there is no waiting at any time in a location
  • Single lines - which are restricted in line with controlled parking zone (CPZ) hours unless a nearby time plate indicates differently.

Yellow lines are normally designated as part of traffic schemes.

Controlled parking zones

Controlled parking zones now cover the whole borough and the restrictions are dependent on local needs:

Loading on yellow lines

Loading restrictions are shown by kerb chevrons that run adjacent to yellow lines on the road . The hours that loading / unloading is prohibited at a location is indicated by a nearby time plate:

Request a yellow line

If you wish to request a new yellow line please contact the transport strategy team 

We will always consult residents or businesses about proposed new yellow lines.

The London Local Authorities Act 2004 - has given us the power of enforcing certain types of decriminalised traffic offences for example 'parking on corners', which allows us to put double yellow lines on corners of the road ensuring the safety of pedestrians and improved site lines.

How can I find out more?

For more information please see the Highway Code