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Loading and unloading vehicles

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Loading and unloading vehicles

Loading or unloading involves the continuous movement of goods to and from your vehicle.

The exemption allows vehicles to stop only for the time necessary to carry out the act of loading or unloading.

In Camden, loading or unloading is allowed:

  • on double and single yellow lines where there are no loading restrictions in place
  • in a resident bay
  • in a paid for parking bay

If you are not seen loading or unloading your vehicle, you may be considered to be waiting and a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued.

Loading or unloading on yellow lines

Loading or unloading can take place on single or double yellow lines without kerb markings, for an unlimited time before 11am and after the end of controlled hours, or 6.30pm (whichever is earlier).

After 11am and until the end of controlled hours or 6.30pm, whichever is earlier:

  • heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes can load or unload for up to 40 minutes
  • cars and light goods vehicles for up to 20 minutes

Kerb markings mean that a loading ban may apply. Loading or unloading is not permitted at any time on yellow lines with double kerb markings. Single kerb markings mean that loading or unloading is not permitted at certain times stated on a nearby time plate.

Loading or unloading in a parking bay

Any vehicle may load or unload for up to 20 minutes within a resident permit bay or paid for parking bay. The use of dedicated bays such as car club, disabled, electric charging, market trader and doctor should be avoided. Loading or unloading is not permitted in diplomatic bays.

Further information can be found in our guides, such as the enforcement protocol and business parking guide.