Initial Instructions

Why you should register with Camden Sure Start Children's Centres? 

Any new family attending services in a children's centre in Camden are asked to complete a Registration Form. This allows us to register your attendance and keep you informed of our services. It is advised that parents fill out this form prior to accessing Camden Sure Start services.

How we use your information 
We collect and process your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Your details will be used:
-    to contact you
-    to provide services for you and your family
-    for the general planning of services
-    to provide government statistics

It may also be used: 

-    to share with partner agencies working with Camden Children's Centres
-    to ask you for general feedback on services for purposes of evaluation.

Protecting your information 

We will keep your details on our server or on a database, where every reasonable care has been taken to ensure the security of your data. We also keep your information confidential (only authorised professionals will see your information). We cover the storage, access, disclosure and destruction of your information. We will only disclose your information as required by law. 


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Parent / carer details

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(this should be the person/people with legal guardianship with whom the child/children live).

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