Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Forum's revised draft plan (Regulation 14) was published for consultation in July 2019. It can be viewed on the Forum's website:

Link to draft Neighbourhood Plan 

Forum redesignation 2019

The Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum applied to the Council to be formally redesignated as a neighbourhood forum. This was in line with the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) and neighbourhood planning regulations. The application is shown below.  

The Council approved the redesignation on 25th October 2019. This means the Forum will be designated for a further period of five years. They will be able to continue using their neighbourhood planning powers.

Neighbourhood Forum redesignation application

No changes were proposed to the designated neighbourhood area, which was shown in the application for information.


Designation of area and forum 2014

On 5 September 2014 London Borough of Camden approved the designation of the Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum. A public consultation on the Area and Forum applications took place between 26th June and 8th August 2014. 

The approved applications can be viewed below and they show the area in which the neighbourhood planning powers apply.

Area and Forum application documents