Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft consultation

Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum has submitted its proposed Neighbourhood Plan to Camden Council.  The Council is now seeking views and comments on the draft Plan from residents and other interested stakeholders. All documents are PDFs.

Additionally, the Forum has submitted a document setting out complementary actions which are intended to help to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan.  This does not contain planning policies and would therefore not form a part of the statutory development plan for the area. We are not inviting comments on this document because it is not subject to examination but is included for information.

Comments on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan must be received by 7th September 2020 and should be sent via e-mail to or by post to:

Planning Policy,

Regeneration and Planning,

London Borough of Camden,

Judd Street,

London WC1H 9JE

Please note there is no need to send a paper copy if responses are e-mailed.

If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the documents on the internet or making comments online, please contact (020) 7974 8988.

Further background and information about the consultation is also set out in the 'Statement of Representations procedure'.  The documents below are PDFs.

What happens next?

Once the consultation has finished, the Council will forward the responses and the draft Neighbourhood Plan to an independent examiner. The examiner will assess whether the Plan meets the statutory requirements.

If the draft Plan passes the examination, a referendum will be organised to give the community the final say on whether the Plan is to be used in determining planning applications in the designated neighbourhood area. Due to the pandemic, neighbourhood planning referendums cannot take place until 2021; however, a plan which has passed examination may still be given significant weight in planning decisions.

Forum redesignation 2019

The Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum applied to the Council to be formally redesignated as a neighbourhood forum. This was in line with the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) and neighbourhood planning regulations. The application is shown below.  

The Council approved the redesignation on 25th October 2019. This means the Forum will be designated for a further period of five years. They will be able to continue using their neighbourhood planning powers.

Neighbourhood Forum redesignation application

No changes were proposed to the designated neighbourhood area, which was shown in the application for information.

Designation of area and forum 2014

On 5 September 2014 London Borough of Camden approved the designation of the Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum. A public consultation on the Area and Forum applications took place between 26th June and 8th August 2014. 

The approved applications can be viewed below and they show the area in which the neighbourhood planning powers apply.

Area and Forum application documents