We have all seen the devastating effects the pandemic has had on our communities  – but we have also seen the strength of community spirit as people have looked out for each other.

Here are some ways you can continue to support local organisations and your neighbours, if you can. 

Food support

Donate to the London-wide Covid Community Campaign

Donate directly to Camden's food banks and community organisations

Donating goods

  • Little Village distributes clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of five. 

Donate goods or money to Little Village

  • Camden Learning helps Camden’s pupils get the computers and WiFi they need to learn online at home during the pandemic.

Donate to the Digital Divide campaign

  • Camden Giving is an independent charity which raises money to pay for food banks, social clubs, employment training, mental health support and more.

Donate to Camden Giving

  • Tricky Period collaborates with local libraries to provide period products to those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Donate to Tricky Period

  • Support Camden Music Trust which provides musical opportunities for Camden children.

Donate to Camden Music Trust

Donate to Highgate Newtown Community Centre's Winter Campaign

Donate to Queen's Crescent Community Association's Christmas For All crowdfunder

Donate to Kentish Town Community Centre's Christmas Happiness Hampers Project

Donate to Age UK Camden's Warm Heart Campaign

  • You can also donate to the Camden Mayor's toy appeal and get in the spirit of Christmas with donations of new toys, toiletries, gift vouchers or clothes.

Find out more about the Mayor's toy appeal


Donate your time to a local organisation during COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Health Champions help distribute the latest essential public health information with their friends, families and communities. If you are interested in being involved, go to our Health Champions page.  

Looking out for each other

We have seen amazing community spirit during the pandemic. Here are some ways you can continue to look out for others.

  • Let’s keep each other safe by following public health advice to stop the further spread of coronavirus. Read the latest advice here.

  • If you develop coronavirus symptoms, it’s vital you self-isolate and get tested. Requesting a test takes 5-10 minutes at nhs.uk/coronavirus. You can find out more at on our Test and Trace page.

  • If you or someone you know is looking for support, whether that be financial, food, or something else, please visit our support pages for a wide-ranging offer of support from Camden Council and our partners

  • Many people are feeling overwhelmed at the moment. If you or someone you know is struggling, please visit our pages on looking after your mental health and wellbeing to access mental health support

  • If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one, give them a call to check in on them and offer your support. A few words of kindness could make all the difference to someone struggling with a bereavement

  • If you see someone without a face covering on, don’t forget that some people are exempt from wearing one - including those with disabilities that aren’t always visible

  • Following public health advice will reduce your risk of catching coronavirus but it won’t eliminate the risk completely. If you know someone has developed symptoms, check in on them to make sure they’re ok and see if there’s anything you can do to help them
  • Consider setting up a group chat with your neighbours, housemates or family members so that you can let each other know if you develop symptoms. Having a ready-made support network in place could make a big difference if you need to self-isolate – although the Council is always here for you too.