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Vehicle removals and clamps 

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Vehicle removals and clamps 

If your vehicle is parked dangerously or illegally in the street we may remove it.  

How to check if your vehicle has been removed 

The quickest way to check if we have removed your vehicle, is by using the London-wide TRACE service online . You can also call their helpline on 0300 077 0100, but this will take longer. 

Releasing your vehicle 

If we have removed your vehicle, to release it you will need to go in person to the Regis Road vehicle pound: Regis Road, London NW5 3EW.  

Opening times are, Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 7.30pm and Sunday 10am to 7pm. Opening times will change around public and bank holidays.  

What you will need 

You will need to bring identification and ownership documents. 

One proof of personal identification from the following list: 

  • valid full driving licence 
  • valid passport 
  • national identity card 
  • council rent card or tenancy agreement 

And one proof of vehicle ownership from the following list: 

  • V5 Vehicle registration document 
  • V5C registration certificate 
  • valid certificate of insurance 
  • bill of sale 
  • Hire purchase agreement for the vehicle 

Additional evidence may be required if your vehicle is either: 

  • unregistered with the DVLA 
  • the vehicle has 5 or more unpaid penalty charge notices issued to it 
  • the vehicle has 3 or or more outstanding penalty charge notices issued to it that are past the point of appeal 

How much will it cost? 

To release your vehicle, you will need to pay all of the following:  

  • the penalty charge notice fee 
  • £200 fee to release your vehicle from the vehicle pound 
  • storage fee of £40 per day, which starts from the midnight the day after the vehicle was removed 

We will not release a vehicle until we have seen all the required documents and received full payment. We will dispose of any unclaimed vehicles and property left in them. 

What to do if you are not the owner of the vehicle or have changed ownership 

If the vehicle has changed registered keeper you will have to prove to the Council this is genuine and not an attempt to circumvent the debt. The below documents will then also be required (please note, the name and address must be the same on all documents): 

  • V5 registration certificate 
  • valid certificate of insurance issued before date of removal 
  • utility bill (gas, water, electricity) issued within the last three months 
  • valid full driving licence 
  • bill of sale 
  • copy of bank account detailing financial transaction (not under value) showing purchase of the vehicle 

If you’re collecting a vehicle on behalf of the owner you will need: 

  • a signed letter of authority from the owner giving you permission to collect the vehicle, plus proof of ownership 
  • identification for the person collecting the vehicle 

If you’re collecting a courtesy or lease vehicle you will need: 

  • a copy of a courtesy or lease agreement, or fax from the company supplying the vehicle with details of authorised drivers 
  • identification for the driver named in the agreement 

If you’re collecting a company vehicle you will need: 

  • letter or fax from the company that owns the vehicle giving details of the person authorised to drive it 
  • copy of the registration certificate of insurance and driver identification 


We will only clamp persistent evaders with three or more unpaid and unchallenged parking tickets. 

If your vehicle has been clamped and you want to get the clamp removed you will need to: 

  • contact parking investigations on 020 7974 2042 ensuring you have your vehicle registration and penalty charge notice number to hand 
  • pay the £70 clamp fee as well as the penalty charge notice