Parking enforcement

​September 19 Bank Holiday

The funeral of HRH Queen Elizabeth II will take place on Monday 19 September, which is also a Bank Holiday. 

Due to the high number of people likely to be attending this and related ceremonial and commemorative events, we would discourage any unnecessary vehicle travel in and around Camden, and we are encouraging people to walk or cycle wherever possible. The public transport network will also be open, although there will be very busy services and some station closures. You can plan ahead and check your travel at Travel advice for the mourning period - Transport for London (

Please be aware, in a change from our normal Bank Holiday enforcement and to ensure we are helping to lessen the impact of local traffic during this busy time, you will not be able to park on Single Yellow Lines. If you do park on a Single Yellow line, you may be issued with a PCN and face further enforcement action.

A full list of what restrictions are in operation can be found below:

On-street parking - Bank Holiday Enforcement in place
Removal service - Normal enforcement in place
Vehicle pound and Payment centre - Closed
CCTV - Bank Holiday Enforcement in place

Which parking restrictions are in operation on public/bank holidays?

Certain restrictions will still apply on bank holidays and a penalty charge notice may be issued to vehicles and further enforcement action taken against those parked in the circumstances and/or locations listed below:

  • Single yellow lines
  • double yellow lines
  • where a loading ban is in operation (indicated by a single/double yellow line with adjacent kerb chevrons and a nearby sign stating the hours during which loading is not permitted)
  • bus stops
  • footway parking
  • zig-zag lines
  • parking across a dropped footway
  • double parking
  • car club bays
  • coach bays
  • diplomatic bays
  • dedicated disabled permit holder bays
  • blue and green disabled badge holder bays
  • electric vehicle charging bays
  • suspended bays
  • cycleways

Which parking restrictions are not in operation on public/bank holidays?

On bank holidays restrictions will not apply and a penalty charge notice will not be issued to vehicles parked in the circumstances and/or locations listed below:

  • resident or shared use (resident permit or paid for parking) bays
  • paid for parking bays
  • business permit holder bays
  • doctors’ bays
  • loading bays
  • market trader permit bays
  • motorcycle bays


Moving traffic contraventions will be enforced 24/7 throughout the holiday period, except those restrictions that are not permitted under the relevant Traffic Management Orders (TMO). This is detailed below as public/bank holiday enforcement.

There are two specific exemptions to normal moving traffic enforcement in Camden, these locations will not be enforced on public/bank holidays:

  • Laystall Street pedestrian zone
  • Grafton Road motor vehicles prohibited area between the junctions with Barrington Close and Kiln place