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Traffic Management Orders

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Traffic management orders or traffic orders are by-laws which define parking and some moving traffic rules and regulations. They can designate lengths of kerbside space for a specific use i.e waiting and loading restrictions or parking bays.

Further information on specific traffic management orders:

Waiting and loading restrictions (yellow lines and yellow kerb markings)
Residents' parking bays
Paid for parking / Pay by Phone, Shared-Use bays
Car Club bays, Electric Vehicle Recharging Points
Loading bays
Disabled persons parking (Blue Badge, Green Badge, Dedicated Disabled bays)
Bus lanes and Experimental Traffic Orders

Bus Lane and Experimental Traffic Orders

Bus lanes are designated traffic lanes which are reserved for the use of buses, taxis, cycles and dial-a-ride vehicles. 

You must not drive in a bus lane during the hours of control specified on adjacent, blue signs.

Experimental Traffic Orders

A list of the Experimental Traffic Orders which are currently in force in Camden are listed below together with a brief description of the scheme to which they relate.

Torrington Place / Tavistock Place

Implements changes to traffic movements along Torrington Place, Byng Place, Gordon Square, Tavistock Square and Tavistock Place together with associated changes to parking places.  


Acland Burghley School – Burghley Road

Road closure between 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm. To be assessed over the course of one year.