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Table and chairs licence

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Table and chairs licence

Apply for a licence

You need a licence to place tables and chairs on the public highway for eating and drinking activities. It can take up to 2 months to get a licence if representations are received to your application.

Before you start

An annual licence costs £486.67 per new application plus £45 per chair. Applications must be made by email. To make an application, please ensure you follow the below checklist:

  1. Read the guidance notes
  2. Fill in the tables and chairs licence application form
  3. Provide a telephone number in your email so that we may contact you to take payment for the application. Fees are £486.67 for a new application, or £429.54 for a renewal application, plus £45 per chair.
  4. Provide scaled plans of where you wish to place the table and chairs – include any local amenities such as street furniture, trees or private forecourts
  5. Provide a copy of your liability insurance
  6. Send everything to: [email protected]

What happens next?

Consultation period

Applications go through a 28 day consultation period. This includes applications to renew or change a licence.

We will ask local residents, businesses and council officers if they have any objections to the application. If no objections are made, we will send you your licence.

When objections are made, we send them to you and ask you to comment on them. We then discuss your application in a monthly panel meeting. We will either:

  • give you permission for the licence to go ahead
  • give you permission but make amendments to your licence – for example a smaller number of chairs
  • reject the licence application

Rejected applications

If your application is rejected, we will contact you to arrange a refund of £45 per chair. The rest of the fee is non-refundable.

If the application is rejected or you are not satisfied with the conditions of the licence, you can contact the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for further advice.

Renew or change a licence

A licence lasts for 12 months. To renew you must apply at least 6 weeks before it expires. We will contact you 8 weeks before your licence expires.

It costs:

  • £429.54 plus £45 per chair to renew a licence
  • £486.67 plus £45 for each extra chair when changing a licence

Renew or change a tables and chairs licence

Search for licences

You can search for licences issued since January 2009:

Use our tables and chairs planning search to view and comment on applications

You can search by:

  • Application number – this is the easiest way
  • Site address – select table and chairs as the application type

To object to a licensing application, add a comment to the application.

Reporting non-compliance / complain about a licensed premises

If you are reporting non-compliance, or making a complaint in relation to a premises' use of tables and chairs on the public highway, please email: [email protected].

To help us properly investigate your concerns, please ensure the following information is provided in your email:

  • name of premises
  • address of premises
  • details of non-compliance / the complaint, providing dates and times
  • your contact telephone number, should we need to contact you to gather more information

Sign up for email alerts

When you sign up to receive alerts, you will be able to choose alerts for:

  • the entire London borough of Camden,
  • one or more wards in the borough, and 
  • licensing applications based on their current status

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