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Streetscape Design Manual

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About the Streetscape Design Manual

The purpose of the Streetscape Design Manual is to raise the standard of street works that take place within Camden. 

The Manual sets standards for the Council’s own works, but it is also intended as a guide for contractors, developers, public utility companies and other private agencies.

The Streetscape Design Manual is a full-colour document, over 100 pages long, with comprehensive use of photos and drawings, to complement the detailed text. The Manual covers a wide range of topics, varying in depth, from general issues of conservation to detailed instructions in the use of footway materials. 

The Manual is designed to complement other existing guidance and regulatory documents (e.g. Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002), filling in the ‘gaps’ where necessary, particularly where Camden has a preferred design within permitted variances.

Obtain a copy

Purchase a copy

You can purchase a full, bound copy of the manual by downloading and printing out our request form. 

Price: £40 (£15 for groups or charities).

Streetscape Design Manual purchase request form (PDF 10KB) 

Download a copy

Alternatively, the Streetscape Design Manual can be downloaded in pdf format (low resolution), using the links below:

Streetscape Design Manual front cover (PDF 105KB) 
Index (PDF 41KB) 
Introduction (PDF 952KB)
Local Character (PDF 1.3MB)
Carriageway Details (PDF 1.3MB)
Footway Details (PDF 1.4MB)
Street Furniture (PDF 2MB)
Appendix (PDF 47KB)
Streetscape Design Manual back cover (PDF 26KB)

For more information please contact the transport strategy team