Section 106 spending and financial information

We use Section 106 financial contributions alongside the Camden Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is to reduce the impacts of development.

  • Since the introduction of CIL the main financial contributions gained via Section 106 agreements are for:
    • highways works and local employment
    • implementation charges (such as for Travel Plans and Construction Management Plans)
    • payments towards open space and affordable housing, where accepted instead of on-site provision. 
  • CIL is then used to fund more general, rather than site specific, infrastructure that is needed to support growth. More information on how we spend our CIL funds is available on our Spending the Camden CIL web page. 

Annual report

A CIL and Section 106 Annual Report is published every year. It summarises annual income and expenditure for the last financial year. It also gives details of proposed future spending of Section 106 funds:

Latest updates - Section 106 income and news

The latest information on annual Section 106 income is also available using the links below. 

Please use the link below to view our latest ‘Infrastructure and Growth’ newsletter. This provides updates on CIL and Section 106 spending matters.