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Report a problem with a food premises

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Report a problem with a food premises

We will investigate complaints about food premises in Camden as part of our role to protect public health.  

If the food premises is not in Camden, please contact the relevant local council

We cannot help you to claim compensation or a refund. You must contact the retailer directly or seek legal advice if you wish to pursue a claim. 

Complaints we will investigate  

We will investigate: 

  • sightings of pests 
  • food poisoning cases, if you have visited a GP and submitted a stool sample for analysis 
  • absence of a hot or cold water supply  
  • contaminated foods or foods that contain a harmful foreign object, such as a glass fragment, piece of metal or insects 
  • food allergy offences, such as unavailable or inaccurate information  
  • food fraud 
  • food for sale after its ‘use by date’ 

Complaints we will not investigate  

Details of the following complaints will be noted on file, but we will not generally investigate: 

  • anonymous complaints 
  • poor customer service or food quality, such as over ripened fruit or if a meal is served cold 
  • food complaints without evidence of food, packaging (if applicable) and proof of purchase  
  • food for sale after its ‘best before’ date  

If you have already contacted the business regarding your complaint and they have taken action to resolve the issue, we will not investigate this. If you are unhappy with their response, please submit a report.  

Report a problem with a food premises 

Complete our online form to report a problem with a food premises. 

We guarantee your personal details will not be shared with the business when you make a complaint. 

You will need  

We require the following information to investigate complaints: 

  • a till receipt 
  • any wrapping, labels, or packaging 
  • the food and/or the foreign object. Do not throw the food away. Food (if available) must be kept in its original container where possible 

Report a food related problem