We adopted revised local area requirements in July 2018 and are currently in the process of updating this guidance page. Check the list of Local Area Requirements July 2018 for the most up to date information before submitting your application.

You will need to send a public open space plan with your planning application where:

  • your proposed development may increase the demand for a public open space.

The information below provides further details about: 

  • when a public open space plan is needed
  • what information this document should include
  • how to submit it to us
  • where further information can be found

When is a public open space plan needed?

This should be sent with applications for developments likely to result in the increased demand for public open space. These include:

  • developments where the proposed site has an existing public open space(s)
  • developments proposing 1000m2 of floor space and five or more houses or flats

What information should be included in a public open space plan?

A public open space plan should include the following information:

  • an assessment of the impact that the proposed development will have on any existing public open spaces. This is both on the proposed and sites next to it
  • details of how existing and new public open spaces will fit into the proposed development. This is both on the proposed and sites next to it
    • all proposals should be sent with plans clearly showing all existing and proposed public open spaces
  • details about how our open space strategy has been considered

How do I submit a public open space plan?

If you apply for planning permission online using the Planning Portal, you can upload your plan. This is after you have completed the relevant application forms.

Before uploading any files, please read our guidance notes for submitting electronic files with planning applications (PDF).

If you choose to submit a paper application instead, you will need to provide:

  • four copies of your public open space plan
  • four copies of the relevant application forms.

Where can I find out further information?

For further information on preparing and submitting a public open space plan, please see the link below: