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  Application reference Licence reference Premises name Premises address Status  
APP\PREMISES-NEW\104084 PREM-LIC\104083 Sai News 1 Stanhope Parade NW1 3RD Under Consultation (Last Date of Representation: 15/02/2021)
APP\PREMISES-NEW\104067 PREM-LIC\104066 Bad Vegan, Unit 3.01 192-198 Camden High Street NW1 8QP Under Consultation (Last Date of Representation: 11/02/2021)
APP\PREMISES-MVARY\104049 PREM-LIC\2387 One Tun 58-60 Goodge Street W1T 4ND Under Consultation (Last Date of Representation: 26/01/2021)
APP\PREMISES-NEW\104044 PREM-LIC\104043 Sushi Cupcake 10 Theobald's Road WC1X 8PN Under Consultation (Last Date of Representation: 08/02/2021)
APP\PREMISES-NEW\104038 PREM-LIC\104037 Let It Roll Records 121 Kentish Town Road NW1 8PB Under Consultation (Last Date of Representation: 08/02/2021)
GPL-VARY\103992 CAM-LIC\110 City Slots 108-110 Camden High Street NW1 0LU Under Consultation (Last Date of Representation: 25/01/2021)
APP\TEN\104090 PREM-LIC\ Getir UK Limited Arch 77, Railway Arches Randolph Street NW1 0SR In Progress (Last Date of Representation: 25/01/2021)
APP\PREMISES-TRANS\104082 PREM-LIC\2482 Yorkshire Grey Brewery 2 Theobald's Road WC1X 8PN Application in Progress
APP\PREMISES-VARYDPS\104073 PREM-LIC\087911 Heroica Live 37 Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AJ Application in Progress
APP\PREMISES-VARYDPS\104075 PREM-LIC\2490 Camden Eye 2 Kentish Town Road NW1 9NX Application Approved
APP\PREMISES-TRANS\104061 PREM-LIC\3338 Chilango 76 Chancery Lane WC2A 1AA Application in Progress
APP\PREMISES-TRANS\104055 PREM-LIC\2107 Speenghar Express 303 Finchley Road NW3 6DT Application Rejected
APP\PREMISES-VARYDPS\104021 PREM-LIC\3867 Marks & Spencer West Hampstead Square Development Site A West End Lane Application Approved
APP\PREMISES-MVARY\104013 PREM-LIC\102641 Morrisons (Temporary store) Camden Goods Yard Chalk Farm Road NW1 8EH Application Approved
APP\PREMISES-VARYDPS\103998 PREM-LIC\100332 Sainsbury's 131-143 Belsize Road NW6 4BR Application in Progress
APP\PREMISES-VARYDPS\103989 PREM-LIC\1419 Tortilla 227 Finchley Road NW3 6LP Application Approved
APP\PREMISES-VARYDPS\103979 PREM-LIC\3397 The Parcel Yard Kings Cross Railway Station Euston Road N1 9AP Application Approved
APP\PREMISES-NEW\103982 PREM-LIC\103981 Tropicana Beach Club Tropicana Beach Club, New London Theatre Parker Street WC2B 5PW Representation Received
APP\PREMISES-NEW\103965 PREM-LIC\103964 Restaurant 72-73 Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AN Application Approved
APP\PREMISES-NEW\103968 PREM-LIC\103967 48 Grafton Way 48 Grafton Way W1T 5DZ Representation Received
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