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Buying a new musical instrument

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Buying a new musical instrument

We can help you buy an instrument

If your child is learning with the Camden Music Service we can help you buy a new instrument. This is at a lower cost through our assisted purchase scheme.

The scheme allows you to buy the instrument without paying VAT. You can pay in 12 monthly interest free instalments.

You are allowed to do this if:

  • your child is in full-time education at a local education authority maintained school
  • your child is receiving tuition within the Music Service
  • the instrument is suitable for the child's needs
  • the instrument is 'portable' (so we can't sell you a piano)

If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, please complete the form below:

Assisted purchase instrument form (PDF)

See below suggested instruments for beginners to intermediate players. The prices shown are guides only. We will confirm the exact cost with you before you go ahead with your order.

Instruments for beginner to intermediate players (PDF)

Advanced students, playing at grade 6 and above, may want to ask their tutor about a suitable instrument. If you write the details on the application form, we will see if we can buy it for you.

Please read the following carefully

  • when we receive your application form we will contact you.
  • the instrument will remain the property of the London Borough of Camden until the full amount has been paid.
  • you are responsible for insuring the instrument against loss or damage. This is while it remains the property of the London Borough of Camden.
  • you will have to pay the full amount or the first monthly instalment before we can order the instrument.

For any queries call us on 020 7974 7239.