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Library charges and fines

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Library charges and fines

The following charges and fees came into effect after 1 April 2023.

Loan period is 3 weeks except where stated.


Groups entitled to concessions are:

  • people over 60
  • people with disabilities
  • full time students
  • people on certain benefits

General library charges

Item Customer charge
Borrowed books Free
Borrowed books on CD / talking books £1 (free for concessions)
Language courses £2.55
Reservations (limit of 4 at a time) Free
Reservations requiring extended searches £6.50

Printing and photocopying charges

Printing and photocopying Price (per sheet)
PC printing A4 black and white 20p
PC printing A3 black and white  30p
PC printing A4 colour £1.00
PC printing A3 colour 50p
A4 black and white photocopy 15p
A4 colour photocopy 75p
A3 black and white photocopy 25p
A3 colour photocopy £1.25

Overdue fines (per day)

Item Standard overdue fine Concessionary overdue fine
Books, talking books and language courses 30p per day 15p per day


  • Overdue fines are charged up to a maximum of £5 per item. This applies to both standard and concessionary rates
  • The system blocks you from renewing or borrowing more items if there is £5 in charges on your account

Charges for children and young people

Children and young people between the age of 0 to 17 will not be charged for:

  • overdue books
  • toys
  • language courses
  • lost and stolen library cards

Replacement charges

You will have to pay the full cost to replace lost or damaged library items. Please ask the staff at your library.

Lost or stolen library cards

Cost to replace lost, stolen or damaged library cards:

  • People without concessions: £2.25
  • Children aged 0 to 17: No charge


You can receive a reminder before a loan is due by entering your email address in your library account. You may request a reminder up to 7 days before your loans are due for return.

Public computers

Public computers are free for library members to use for up to four hours a day.

If you are not a member and do not want to join the library you can hire a PC by asking the staff for a PC Lite card.

PC Lite card is £1.60 for 90 days use of a PC in a Camden Library.