School subjects

BBC Bitesize.  BBC website provides interactive activities mapped against the national curricula for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Covers early years, primary, secondary and 16+.

During term-time, the BBC is also showing Bitesize and other educational programmes on CBBC (for primary level) and BBC 2 (secondary).  

Seneca.   Website has a huge range of online courses and resources covering primary school to 16+.

Learning by Questions.   A wide-ranging resource covering English, Maths and Science at primary and secondary levels, plus Geography and History at primary. Designed to be an in-class teaching and learning tool but can be used to deliver question sets to pupils at home.

Children's University of Manchester.  A suite of activities and resources covering History, Languages, Science, Art and Design, and student life.

Quizlet.   A website and app that provides learning tools, games and interactive flashcards covering topics on a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels, including GCSE resources for every subject.

BrainPOP.  Make any room a classroom.  US website, with lots of resources on a range of subjects, both traditional school-based and topical subjects.

Memrise.   An interactive programme to learn languages

British Library.  The website has a range of materials to learn about History, English, Religious Studies, Citizenship and a variety of other subjects.


Encyclopedias - look up facts

Encyclopedia Brittanica.  Search the website for facts about everything.  The website also has a range of quizzes, videos and news on topical issues.

Kiddle.  Kids encyclopedia to search for facts about homework topics, for homeschooling. 

Online reference.  With your Camden library card, get access to our range of online reference sources, including Ancestry, the Oxford English Dictionary and Who's Who.


Books and writing stories

British Library.  Website on discovering children's books. 

Young Writers.  Regular writing competitions for primary and secondary age children.

Free e-books.  With your Camden library card, you can borrow one of our great e-books from Libby.

Explore More.  Website with stories and adventures to spark curiosity and inspire deep thinking through play. New story released each week to stimulate imaginative storytelling and play.   Some free stories, plus school and family subscriptions. 

Art and crafts

Tate Gallery.  The Tate Gallery website' site has quizzes about art, an online painting programme, and lots more art and craft activities for kids.

Explore famous museums. The Travel and Leisure website links you to virtual tours of 12 museums around the world, including the British Museum, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and more.

Smart School House.  Lots of creative ideas for craft projects to do at home.



Essential skills, movement and mindfulness

SkillBuilder.  Their Home Learning Hub has resources on listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork.

GoNoodle.  Movement and mindfulness exercises for kids.