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Apply to the Household Support Fund

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Apply to the Household Support Fund

If you cannot afford essentials such as food, energy bills or housing, you may be eligible for a payment from the government-funded, Household Support Fund. 

You can apply for one of 3 payment options depending on your circumstances. If you get benefits, they will not be affected if you get a payment from the fund.   

Who can apply 

Payment A: Reference HSF A 

You can apply for a £500 payment if all the following criteria apply. 

  • You’re in severe financial hardship 
  • You have not received a Cost of Living Payment from the government 
  • You have a low income and are claiming at least one benefit 

Payment B: Reference HSF B 

You can apply for a £300 payment if all the following criteria apply. 

  • You're in severe financial hardship 
  • You're not eligible for the government’s £900 Cost of Living Payment 
  • You are either a pensioner who has a low income and does not receive Pension Credit, or you're of working age and do not receive benefits 

Payment C: Reference HSF C 

You can apply for a payment of between £200 to £500 if you’re in severe financial hardship and one of the following applies: 

  • You're a single person or a couple without children  
  • You're a pensioner, disabled person or carer with or without children  

How to apply 

If you're eligible for payment A, B or C you can refer yourself to our Money Advice Service.

Refer yourself for money advice

If you have difficulty completing the form, please phone us on 020 7974 4444 and we'll book an in-person appointment for you. 

Supermarket vouchers 

Government-funded supermarket vouchers will be posted to families living in Camden who receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support with children up to the age of 18. Any child attending a Camden school and receiving free school meals will also receive vouchers. 

Families will receive: 

  • £15 per eligible child in November 2023 
  • £30 per eligible child in December 2023 
  • £15 per eligible child in February 2024 
  • £30 per eligible child in March 2024 

Read more about government support with the cost of living. 

Apply to the Cost of Living Crisis Fund 

If you’re in severe financial hardship, you can also apply for up to £500 from the Cost of Living Crisis Fund.