Cost of Living Crisis Fund Payment 

Camden Council’s Cost of Living Crisis Fund is for residents and families facing severe financial hardship and who cannot afford essentials – including food, energy bills, water, electricity and housing.

  • The maximum award for a household of any size is £500
  • A household can only receive a maximum of two awards in a 12-month period - and the amount you are awarded will depend on your circumstances and household size
  • We will prioritise those in greatest need

The support can take many forms including payments into bank accounts, vouchers, help with debt repayments or equipment that will help you to reduce your costs and/or keep warm this winter. 

How to apply

We want to ensure residents are getting all the help and advice they need to live well in Camden. 

If you are a tenant and in financial hardship, speak to your neighbourhood housing officer who will be able to refer you to the scheme and help you get other forms of support. 

If you live in temporary or supported housing or have a social worker, speak to your support worker as they can also refer you for a payment and help you get other forms of support.

If you live in the private rented sector, other social housing or own your home and are in financial hardship, speak to one of our advice partners. You can also get help via Good Work Camden, by calling Citizens Advice Camden on 0808 278 7835 or by calling us on 020 7974 4444, option 9 (welfare support).

Eligibility criteria

  1. You must have lived in Camden for at least six weeks. We will check the council tax database and if you are not registered then we will come back to you for another form of proof such as a bill, bank statement or benefit letter addressed to you at the address you are claiming for. The faster we receive proof of residency the faster the award can be made.

  1. No more than two payments will be made per household in any 12-month period. When you apply, we will check records to see how many awards a household has received. If there is more than one adult or family in the household, the application must come from the person responsible for council tax. 
  1. You must be over 18 to apply, but we will accept applications from 16 to 18 year olds living independently because we know that not all young people are able to remain at home
  1. You must be able to prove that you are in severe hardship or financial crisis 

Additional information

The Cost of Living Crisis Fund is part of the Household Support Fund.

If you get in touch to apply for a Cost of Living Crisis Fund payment, wherever possible we will also help you access other advice and support that’s tailored to the situation you’re in. This may include advice to reduce your energy bills, benefits and debt advice, help to increase your income (e.g. accessing free school meals, healthy start vouchers, pension credit), help to find a job, childcare, advice on reducing costs and wider issues such as mental health and wellbeing support and helping you to access the internet and a digital device if you don’t already have it.