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Get online - digital inclusion and support

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Get online - digital inclusion and support

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Current outreach initiatives
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The Digital Inclusion Challenge is part of We Make Camden and our community vision for the borough. It states clearly that “everyone in Camden can access and be part of a digital society.”

In our shared mission, we are dedicated to fostering a digitally inclusive Camden, where no individual is left behind on the path to a more connected community. We aim to actively limit the marginalisation of individuals and promote equal opportunities for all. Read more about this at We Make Camden.

Current outreach initiatives

Find out more about the current outreach initiatives we have available. 

Digital Champions Network

We are establishing our first organisation wide volunteer run digital support network.

A Digital Champion is a volunteer from within the community who works with individuals or small groups to teach them digital skills and boost their confidence. It could be helping one on one in one of our libraries or leading a session in your local TRA hall or community centre.

Camden’s Digital Champions Network aims to help reach digitally excluded people in their communities by advocating the benefits of digital, signposting people to free resources and supporting people to access training.

Who can become a digital champion?

Anyone can become a digital champion within the community, what we ask is that you have a passion to help others, patience to explore technology with new learners and enthusiasm to get out into the community.

We will provide training, guidance and plenty of opportunities to help get people online.

How do you become a digital champion?

Contact [email protected] to express your interest and we’ll provide you with further details when we have our next intake for training. You can also get Digital Champions support below under the resources section.

The Digital Support Bus

We know from our research that getting support and advice directly into communities is a big barrier to getting online.

The Digital Support Bus is an innovative approach aimed at bridging the gap with our communities to provide essential digital skills and knowledge direct to residents, face to face. Staff and volunteers on the bus are available to provide advice direct to citizens at that location, both outside for those passing by and inside for those with appointments or for those who wish to access more in-depth advice after a conversation outside.

Where is the bus heading?

Working in partnership with the organisations outreach team – the bus targets areas where we can make the biggest difference in getting citizens online. The bus will head out to its targeted location and setup close to a community hub.

How can you get the bus to stop nearby?

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are an organisation interested in hosting the bus, or a citizen who wants to learn more and request it stops in your local area.

Resources and Support

Find out more about the various resources available. 

Explore the Support Finder

If you or someone you know requires assistance in venturing into the online world, please check the support finder that is helpful starting point. It offers an easy way to access information on local support and wide range of verified learning resources.

Digital inclusion map

Use Camden’s Digital Inclusion Map if you want to look at support based near to you, this map will help you find a range of services local to Camden including: 

  • Libraries 
  • Free courses and support sessions 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Devices to access 

Camden Council provided services

We provide a number of direct services to help citizens get online, take a look at the services below to see if they could help you and your family:


Across our libraries we provide a range of services to get online including access to free wifi and four hours free use of computers. The libraries also have tablets for use. All that is needed is a library membership and you can come in and use the services on a first come first served basis during any library opening hours.

The libraries also have a range of online resources which are free to use for all library members, find out more at Digital library

Find out more about services at specific library sites.

Community learning courses

Our Adult Community Learning Service provides many courses that are designed for people with little or no experience with digital technology. Other courses build on your digital skills and take them further.

Read full details of upcoming courses and how to enrol here.

Useful resources to get online

We understand that some people might prefer assistance from friends or family when navigating digital tools. To help this journey we have provided a list of helpful resources. These platforms offer guidance on various topics, such as setting up an email account, ensuring online safety, and much more.

Support over the phone

Citizens Online: Freephone Digital Skills Helpline. For those seeking assistance in initiating their technological journey or requiring support in advancing their online skills, please dial 0808 196 5883 and leave a message. Their proficient digital champions will promptly return your call, providing patient and amiable support over the phone.

Self-led online courses

Learn My Way - Access a series of free courses designed to equip you with essential digital skills, ensuring both your safety and connectivity in the digital sphere.

GCF Global - This website has over 200 topics, from basic online skills to different device types like smartphones/tablets, Windows, Apple/Mac OS, social media to online safety, and employability tutorials.

The Open University - Features free 8-week course on Digital Skills.


Digital Unite Technology Guides - Explore over 400 technology guides covering a wide array of topics, from basic computer usage for beginners to ensuring online safety while browsing the internet.

Age UK: Getting Started on the Internet - Discover comprehensive guides on device accessibility, navigating social media platforms, utilizing WhatsApp, and managing everyday online activities.

My Computer My Way from AbilityNet - Find valuable insights into adaptive technologies that facilitate the ease of internet use for individuals with disabilities.

The Government's Skills Toolkit - Access a range of free courses provided by the National Careers Service, aimed at facilitating the acquisition of new skills or supporting career transitions, including essential computer courses.

We hope these resources will serve as valuable aids in your digital journey.

How can you help?

Volunteer with us

Are you passionate about digital empowerment and making a positive impact on our community? Here's an exciting opportunity for you! Consider becoming a Digital Champion!

You don’t have to be a technical whizz to be a Digital Champion. You do need to be patient, understanding and a great communicator.
Digital Champions volunteer their time to help others to improve their digital skills and benefit from using the internet safely. Every learner is different, but common tasks you’d be helping people with include:

  • Finding their way around a device
  • Setting up an email account
  • Searching for information on the internet
  • Using communication tools like Zoom and FaceTime
  • Signposting to hobbies

Apply here by completing the Digital Champion Application Form.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us here at [email protected]