Free online reading and reference information

There is a wide variety of free online reading available if you have a Camden library membership.

If you don't have a library membership, you can join today:

Join the library

When you complete the joining form you will receive a temporary membership ID, starting with the prefix CAM. 

During the current public health crisis, you don't need to confirm your membership at a library.  You can use that temporary ID, plus the PIN number which you have created, to login straight away to these on-line services:

e-Books, e-Audio, e-Newspapers and e-Magazines

Mobile apps are available. Registration may be required. 

Online reference databases

Camden Library Services subscribes to a number of online reference resources not otherwise available on the free web. You can access these with your Camden libraries membership number.

Access our: Online reference resources

These include Ancestry, Oxford dictionaries and reference, Who's Who, newspaper archives and more.